Stephanie Daniels Nutritional Therapy

Consultations and consultation packages are designed for women who are seeking:

  • improved energy

  • help with digestive issues

  • recovery from stress

  • support during the menopause

  • help with suspected food intolerance

  • weight management

  • improved skin health

  • support for immune function

  • help with blood sugar balance

  • sports nutrition for optimal performance

Healthy Food

Consultation 1 (90 minutes)

Prior to the consultation, you’ll be sent a detailed health questionnaire to complete.

During the visit, we’ll discuss your health concerns, symptoms, medical history, diet and lifestyle factors. We’ll then set some initial health goals and agree on several simple, practical dietary and lifestyle changes that you can focus on over the next 3-4 weeks. I’ll also ask you to complete a 3-day food diary for in-depth dietary analysis.


Consultation 2 (45 minutes)

At your second visit, we’ll review your symptoms and check how you’ve been managing with the recommended diet and lifestyle changes. We’ll also review your dietary analysis and agree on a personalised nutrition plan, designed to continue support towards your health goals. This will be accompanied by recipes and advice designed to fit in with your daily routine.

Consultation 3 / follow-up appointments

You may wish to have further follow-up appointments to review progress, refine health goals and receive additional support tailored to your requirements.


Healthy Food

All consultations are held in Y Felinheli or can be conducted via telephone or Skype.


Initial consultation: £85.00
Further consultations: £60.00


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