Consultation Package

I offer a 12-week consultation package, based around a series of personalised sessions designed to help you achieve the best possible results for your health.

Areas I cover include:

  • Support during the menopause

  • Improving energy levels

  • Help with digestive issues

  • Recovery from stress

  • Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

  • Help with blood sugar balance

“I found Stephanie’s website on a web search when I was feeling hopeless about ever losing weight and getting back to healthy living! She was simply the best discovery and investment I could have hoped to find. 4 months on I have lost nearly 2 stone, changed what I eat and when I eat it, found time to do more walking and generally feel more balanced about my very busy life. I find Stephanie’s approach really positive, never judgemental, always encouraging. But at the same time she will be tough enough to pursue things when it’s necessary to keep you on track when the temptations start to drag you off the path! It’s about so much more than nutrition, and whilst the health of my gut and my physical body is unquestionably vastly improved, alongside that I have an increased sense of well-being in the world. I could not have got here without her guidance and wisdom, and her vast knowledge of the human body and its workings. Can’t recommend her highly enough for anyone feeling stuck in the wrong rut! Thanks so much Stephanie.”

June, Caernarfon

How the programme works:

  • Working with me over 12 weeks allows time to explore your health issues, implement step-by-step changes and have regular check ins to help keep you on track towards optimising your health and wellbeing

  • Prior to the initial video call consultation, you’ll be sent a detailed health questionnaire to complete. During the video call, we’ll discuss your health concerns, symptoms, medical history, diet and lifestyle factors. We’ll then agree on several simple, practical dietary and lifestyle changes that you can focus on over the next 1 to 2 weeks. Supplements and/or functional tests may also be recommended.

  • I’ll then be supporting you over the following weeks, via a flexible combination of email, coaching phone calls and video calls

  • During this time I’ll be guiding you with advice on diet and lifestyle to address your health concerns. There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss your queries, address any potential difficulties in making changes and provide you with further tips, recipe ideas and motivation. I’ll also review and advise on any test results, as necessary.

Time to thrive: 12-week programme Contact

The package includes:

60-minute initial video call consultation
Fortnightly review/ coaching calls via a flexible mix of phone and video calls, depending on your preference
Personalised ‘Focus plan’ provided after each call
Email support for 12 weeks
Supplement and test recommendations, if required
10% supplement discount

If you’d like further information, please get in touch via email or the contact form below.


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